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create your own 'wellbeing space'

if I was asked 'what are the key requirements for a happy and healthy office environment'

my answer would be:

good lighting, uncluttered space, good acoustics and plenty of storage

for 'personal wellbeing' I would add plants for improved air quality and space to spread out to work...

for 'physical wellbeing' I would invest in the best quality ergonomic task chair and a height adjustable sit-to-stand desk

some items don't cost much

a small plant and personal comfort items such as a desk frame photo

a tidy and organised desktop will add to the feeling of being being organised and contribute to a healthier work environment

selecting quality furniture can be a big investment

many small and larger businesses, including government departments and agencies, may only budget for a new fit-out or new furniture as a one off...this places a lot of importance on making the right purchase the first time

not all furniture is created equal

the right furniture can increase productivity, optimise efficiency, and work towards making the working environment a more liveable and happy space…

as our company is service oriented, we are able to streamline the process helping our clients to make the right selection for true long term value

our focus is to customise furniture selection to suit our client's requirements

cheryl | VYSTAN Feb 21



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