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sit stand desks improve productivity

users of sit-to-stand workstation desks claim to be more alert, task-driven and positive...

research shows a direct link between healthy employees and improved performance

movement is known to boost energy levels, especially in the afternoons

every movement counts

break up sedentary time to help minimise negative health effects

for a healthier you...every thirty minutes, stand for eight minutes and move and stretch for two minutes

24 hours in a sitting mode

for a typical office worker, there is little time typically allocated for physical movement

if thirty minutes of physical exercise were added to their daily routine, the person would still be an 'active couch potato' and not an active person

typically a 7.5 hour day gives a total of:

5 hours sitting

2 hours of standing

0.5 hours of moving

16 sit to stand transitions

daily average routine of a typical office worker, highlighting little physical activity throughout the day

images and content for this blog is courtesy of our supplier of sit to stand desks

images are third party owned and copyright

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