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PROJECTS > Typical Commercial Project July 23


Typical Commercial Project   | July 23

typical furniture install may include the following

 workstations, desk mount screens, accessories, task seating, meeting, breakout, waiting, and storage

...we are pleased to profile this project which just happens to have a good cross section of our typical office furniture...

VYSTAN Interiors_edited_edited.jpg
Vystan Interiors_edited.jpg
Vystan Interiors_edited.jpg
Meeting Room_edited.png
Vystan Interiors.  Workstations Sit Stan
Flip Folding Tables and EZ Task Meeting.  VYSTAN
Breakout Furniture. ETub. Freestanding Fan. Cross Table
Bench Seating and Chair Lotus Coffee Table. VYSTAN

...we service Darwin and NT regional centres... 
feel free to challenge us...

our project installs include the supply, delivery and installation of workstations and furniture


all soft wiring for workstation installation is included as standard in our pricing

we exclude electrical hardwire connections an data cable services

above project completed July 23

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