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PROJECTS > CLC | Stuart Highway (Alice Springs) | August 2021

CLC Stuart Highway
CLC Stuart Highway S-Wing. VYSTAN. Image is Copyright.

CLC Stuart Highway Alice Springs | August 2021

workstation frames | V20-B2B at 2100mm long electric desks with beam

controller | bluetooth with two USB ports

desk mount screens | V6 FXO-2100 with Woven Image Mura

personal divider | VI-SOD (triple PET sandwich - designed by Vystan)

feature | individual feet to each workstation, this allows for future reconfiguration as free standing desks

our typical workstation setup

data + electrical services run discreetly in fixed beam

feet on every desk frame allows for future reconfiguration as free-standing desks

bracing brackets to lock desks into position

individual desk mount screens to each workstation (woven image - mura)


task chairs and storage units complete the project

CLC South Wing Stuart Highway | Alice Springs. VYSTAN. Photo is Copyright.
CLC South Wing Alice Springs. VYSTAN. Image is Copyright
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