CLC - Parson Street (Alice Springs) | June 2021


CLC Parsons Street, Alice Springs | June 2021

supply and installation of six pods of four workstations (back to back setup)

electric sit to stand frames | V20 S2S B2B  and desk mount screens V6 FXO

features individual feet to each workstation, this allows for future reconfiguration as free standing desks

back to back setup features fixed beams for cabling and bracing beam for stability


storage units and task seating included in stage one of the project install


project installation reflecting our progressive solutions for the best set up of sit-to-stand workstations

CLC Parsons Street.  Workstation set up (under desk view).  VYSTAN (image is copyright)

our typical workstation setup - under desk view of back to back configuration

cabling is run from desk to desk in fixed beam eliminating the requirement to loop cabling between desks
feet on every desk frame allows for future reconfiguration as free-standing desks
bracing brackets to lock desks into position

individual desk mount screens to each workstation (woven image - mura)