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PROJECTS > Chamber of Commerce - Darwin | July 2021

Chamber of Commerce_edited.jpg

Chamber of Commerce NT, Darwin | July 2021


builder | BARPA Pty Limited

(Jade McGowan, Site Supervisor)

design | Schapel Interiors

(Stefney Schultz (co-founder)

loose furniture | VYSTAN Interiors, Office Furniture NT

we wish to thank CCNT

(Greg Ireland - CEO Management)

for selecting our company to be part of this project...

Chamber of Commerce. Darwin_edited.jpg
Chamber of Commerce. VYSTAN_edited.jpg
Chamber of Commerce_edited.jpg
Chamber of Commerce_edited.jpg


open plan setting is for twelve corner workstations

the design features  a 'gyprock-mid-high-wall' to discreetly house services

look is exceptionally clean without the requirement for services to ceiling by way of umbilical or power poles

without the requirement for services by way of power poles or umbilicals 

clear glass above the 'gyprock-mid-high-wall' provides an attractive yet functional acoustic barrier

offices - large corner desks for management

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 12.49.33.png
Chamber of Commerce. Exec. VYSTAN. Image is Copyright.
6 Chamber of Commerce Office White.jpg

 executive desk | V20 S2S black | Laminex birch ply with contract black edge / birch ply modesty panel

office desk | V20 S2S desk with V20-dash modesty white

monitor arm | VI-HD white featuring 15KG weight rating each arm for heavier monitor screens


task seating open plan and office | V5-luna.. featuring 'auto-weight-activated-mechanism' as standard

adjustable lumbar, seat slide depth adjustment with wipe cleanable mesh back

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